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Hawaii Volcano Caribbean Cruise Deals

Volcanos are Alive with a Hawaii Cruise Deal

Active eruptions are a way of life in modern day Hawaii. The Big Island is
on fire - as a destination for Hawaii cruises! With the constant changes,
every visitor sees a NEW Hawaii!
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7 Night Caribbean Cruise Deals from Just $379.00

Imagine taking your week vacation on a Caribbean cruise for just $379.00! In fact, even BETTER Caribbean cruise deals exist for groups - families, friends, weddings, associations.
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Victoria Falls on Africa River Cruise
Mediterranean & Greek Isles Cruise Deals

Victoria Falls - An Africa River Cruise Must-See!

Egypt's greatest Pharoahs have built some of the most impressive
structures on Earth, but, none rival one of Earth's greatest natural
displays - Victoria Falls!
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The Mediterranean and Greek Isles - Go.. Cheap!

A Summer favorite, but great deals for Mediterranean and Greek Isles cruises are available year-round! Over a dozen cruise lines competing means more for you - for less!
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Gatun Lake and Monkey Island Celebrity Infinity Martini Bar

Volcanoes National Park Tour

Join us on this tour of magnificent Volcanoes National Park, and then
sample some of Hawaii's most famous natural products--coffee,
macadamia nuts, and wine.
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Polynesian Cultural Center

Find out why the Polynesian Cultural Center is Oahu's number one paid attraction. Couple this with a deluxe Oahu sightseeing circle island tour and you won't be able...
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Rainforest in Hawaii
Folkloric Dinner Show

Exclusive Crater and Rainforest Tour

This unique package offers the opportunity to experience the wide
variety of Maui's diverse scenery - from Haleakala National Park,
an exotic protea farm.
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Private Surfing Lesson - Hang Ten in Hawaii

A private surfing lesson in Hawaii will really help you take your surfing to the next level; plus, it will do wonders to increase your wave count! Take advantage...
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Welcome to T.V. Cruise Deals

Mister Cruise Hello Cruisers!

With so many cruise buying options available today, it is nearly impossible to know if what you have been quoted is truly the best deal available for the exact date, cruise and category you want!

We have developed our service to help take the guesswork and anxiety out of cruise buying! At T.V. Cruise Deals, we compare all the cruise deals from all the cruise lines and online travel sources - and then WE MATCH OR BEAT THE BEST DEALS and we add our 110% BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!
Each cruise line only sells THEIR CRUISES at THEIR PRICES!
Go ahead, try calling cruise line "A" and ask them if cruise line "B" has a better deal for you - it doesn't work!
Each online travel agency only sells their PREFERRED cruise lines at cruise deal prices, and ONLY on sailings where they have pre-reserved, blocked space. Otherwise, they offer the same prices as the cruise lines!
The WORST way to buy a cruise? From the "friend-agent" who sells cruises on the side! Sorry, but the part-time travel agents do not have the resources or the knowledge to get you the best cruise deals! A business card does not make a travel professional - years of experience DO! And years of experience bring SIGNIFICANT VALUE to every sale made!
Here is a REAL, and recent, and typical example:

John B. and his wife are going on a Royal Caribbean Greek Isles cruise in May.
They were quoted $3898.40 for a Junior Suite cabin for two, including tax, from the cruise line, online agencies, and a "friend-agent", who agreed to "kick back" $100.00. Cruise line airfare was $1288.00 per person (including tax and transfers). Total package price - $6474.40
T.V. Cruise Deals put John B. in a Junior Suite for $3374.40, got their airfare for $878.20 per person, and transfers for $40.00 each, for a package total of $5210.80 - which is $1163.60 LESS than the "friend-agent" quoted them (with the $100.00 kickback included!) PLUS, we saved them $388.00 on four shore excursions - $1146.00 on cruise vs. $758.00 through us!
Total Savings of $1551.60 vs. the "kickback"! - WHAT MAKES MORE SENSE TO YOU?
Even if you are already booked with the cruise line, or another agency - we can often save you money! If you are not within the penalty period for cancellation, you owe it to yourself to COMPARE - and save - hundreds, maybe more - ask John B. (His full info is on file.)
Can we get you a deal on your cruise? Probably! The higher the cruise price is, the more likely we are going to be able to save you big $$$! On air/cruise packages over $5,000.00, a 10% or more savings is common, but, it only gets so good - a $169.00 Bahamas 3 night cruise will be $169.00 from everyone!
Remember - it costs NOTHING to compare, but it could cost you a lot if you don't!

Peter E. Coloyan, Sr., MCC (Master Cruise Counselor)
"Mister Cruise"
Over 50,000 Happy Cruise Customers
Celebrating 40 Years of Cruise Sales